Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strapless + Full Bust = Impossible?

I and my fellow full-busted sistren (related to brethren) have been convinced through both experience and common sense that strapless dresses and tops were not made for us.  I have often looked with envy at my friends with less ample bosoms who were able to wear the cutest strapless jersey dresses or bikinis (are you kidding me?).  Being a member of the DD+ crowd, I thought that it wasn't meant to be, so I'd accepted my fate.  

Strapless dress from Shape FX
Shape FX (a clothing company that integrates shapewear into its pieces) has given us the cure for what ails us: the long-tiered strapless control dress.  I'm so geeked, I'm going to buy one online this week from, so I can try it out and report back on its efficacy.  What do you think?  Is it safe for a full-busted woman to go strapless?

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