Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saucy Office Wear

I try not to be too predictable in life, because I like to keep people guessing.  My date last night was amused by my apparently paradoxical ability to love both the color pink and football.  I told him I'm an enigma.  I am, however, fairly constant in one area of my life: I love appropriately sexy work outfits.

I think that this dress from The Loft ( and these Michael Kors pumps would make any of us feel office-saucy.  I think I may coin that...

Juliette Lace Cap Sleeve Dress - $89.50

You and I both know that those Kors by Michael Kors Gunmetal Python Print Peep Toe Slingbacks are spectacular.  They are definitely worth the $290 (  The Tory Burch ( Robinson satchel is $550.

I just had to wipe a tear from my cheek due to the overwhelming admiration I have for this outfit.  Siiiiigh.  Ogle on, ladies.

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Happy shopping!

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