Sunday, July 10, 2011

Downtown Triple Date

SETTING:  Hip downtown restaurant (two $ on
DRINK:  French Kiss Cocktail
SCENT:  No. 6 Mandarin & Ginger Lily by Trish McEvoy

Last-minute plans with friends leads to dinner at a trendy downtown restaurant.  Since you’re the first to arrive, you sit with your boyfriend at the bar and talk heatedly about the NFL’s hopes for a resolution to the lockout.  When the remainder of your party arrives, you hop down from the barstool and teeter on your 5-inch platform cork stilettos.   Inspired by the Asian fusion food served at the restaurant, you strut in a flowy kimono top cinched at the waist with a black leather belt.  The dark blue skinny jeans play well against the tan silk of your stilettos.  As you settle into your seat for dinner, you notice the other patrons admiring your shoes.  Don’t you love it when an evening turns out so well?

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