Thursday, July 14, 2011

Question: What to Wear to Brunch with Future In-Laws?

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Hi Sophia – I’m going to brunch with my fiance’s sister and mother on Saturday.   They’re very sweet (no in-law troubles there), but this is our first time spending a day together without the guys.  They tend to be more conservative dressers than me.  I’m worried that too much cleavage will derail the potentially pleasant morning.  We’re either going to Murphy’s or South City Kitchen, if that helps.  --- Décolletage in Decatur a.k.a. DD

Hi DD (love it!) – Thanks for the e-mail.  As a fellow “bosom buddy,” I understand your concern.  Goodness knows that you don’t want the girls to spill over onto your future mother-in-law’s omelette au fromage.  

First, I don’t think you can go wrong with a sleeveless satin top like the one pictured below.  We paired it with pants and jeweled heels here, but you can substitute a cute pencil skirt.



Second, if you want to wear a dress, I suggest a jersey dress like the adorable burnt orange one.  As you probably know, I love the peeptoes, so we’ve included them here.  The Coach clutch is a sleek accessory.



Here are a few more options.  

Anthropologie Tops

H&M Dresses
Banana Republic Options

Let us know how it goes! 


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