Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dear Darling,

You’re fabulous.  And fabulous ladies like to look fabulous in all situations.  Maybe I can help you and you can help me.  Synergistic fabulosity.

This blog was created, because I am constantly being asked (and constantly asking) that proverbial question: “What do I wear to [insert event/occasion here]?”  Many regular women, like my gorgeous friends, search for ideas in magazines, at stores, and on the Internet.  Oh, the Internet.  Internet searches lead to fashion blogs, and the fashion blogs are awesome.  I follow plenty of them.  The bloginistas tell us all about the current uniform on the streets of [New York/Paris/L.A.], and they provide reams of photos from the runway shows.  That stuff’s great – I eat it up!  Sometimes, though, I just need to know what to wear to my coworker’s baby shower.  And, as much as I’d like to, I’m not wearing a YSL dress from the Spring 2011 prêt-a-porter show to a baby shower.   Maybe you can afford it, but I can’t.  In reality, I can shop all day in my closet, and I believe that many women are in the same position.  We just need some inspiration, so that we can remix the adorable gorgeousness that we already have in our fabulous closets.

With that said, my hope is that you will come to Wear It Out to look for and share fun fashion ideas.  I'll try to make it a repository of great ideas...a lookbook for fabulous, professional women.

All my love,


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  1. What should I wear to my funeral?
    keep in mind that I love corduroy. John Penny