Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Luminous Summer - Barbecues

SETTING: In-town patio at dusk
DRINK: Corona with lime
SCENT: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

You've received a midweek invitation to the summer's first barbecue, so you and your guy head out for a relaxed evening.  When you arrive, you hug the hostess and hand her the Valrhona chocolate cupcakes you've brought for dessert.  You mingle with the guests and discuss a wide range of topics - from Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" video to the likelihood of an NFL lockout.  While dressing your burger, another guest, who is wearing an adorable brown jersey dress, asks you about your Charles David platform wedges.  You show off the woven jute wedges and rave about this season's plethora of towering, yet comfortable, options. 

See below for our model's submission for what to wear to a barbecue.

Bootcut jeans
Crisp white cotton tunic

Leather platforms with woven jute bottoms
Multi-color canvas bag with wooden handles

  More BBQ options coming soon...ciao!

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