Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's Deal of the Day

I received an email from Anthropologie ( yesterday entitled, The Big Sale.  The high-pitched "eek" that escaped my lips might have sent the neighbors' pets running. 

Sunny Soiree Dress
 Want to peek?  This gorgeous piece of art is on sale for $80.  [Fans self]
 And, FYI, here are the shoes that I'd wear with such an adorable Soiree Dress (sigh).

Happy shopping!


  1. I really love this look and especially love the shoes. Also, what brand are those yellow peep toe pumps?

  2. Thanks for commenting! These suede peep toe pumps are available at for € 179,95. Unfortunately, they do not ship to the States. Booooo...

    If you'd like similar styles, then check out Chanel's version for $120 ( or Pura Lopez's version for $175 (