Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Question: What to Wear to the Jill Scott concert?


I’m going to the Jill Scott Summer Block Party concert at Chastain Amphitheater with a group of friends on Saturday.  As you know, Chastain is an outdoor venue.  We’re sitting in the terrace, so I don’t have to worry about grass stains.  I want to be cute, but also comfortable and not too hot.  I was thinking of wearing a maxi dress.   I don't want to be overdressed.  What do you think?


Dearest Anundra,

First, I’m super jelly, because I can’t make it to the concert, and Jilly is one of my favorites!  Ok, enough self-pity.  I’m so excited that you get to go.  For our readers who don’t live in Atlanta, Chastain is a gorgeous amphitheater.  Guests can bring in picnics and sit at front tables (très expensive), terrace seats (more affordable and fun), or rear lawn (fun, but less comfortable—basically, you’re just happy to be there). 

Second, since you’re sitting in the terrace, I think you can pull off a maxi dress with few worries.  This will give you the opportunity to sit comfortably and have a good air flow in our often-too-hot-for-words Atlanta weather.  Honestly, this is a Jill Scott concert.  If you can’t get all boho chic there, then there isn’t much hope for boho chic.  The prices run the gamut, so you can choose how much of the bank you want to break.  Here are my suggestions:

Dress at Shopbop - $247.50
Dress at Free People - $88.00

Dress at Target - $24.99

Dress at Shopbop - $129.00

Have fun!


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